Why Us

Our organization is determined to keep its readers ahead in every subject of their syllabus and succeeded in it with flying colors. To achieve this, we print and publish highly useful and specific to NCF (National curriculum frame work) guidelines books that are profound source of knowledge. Printed on eco-friendly papers the ink used in our books make every word clearly visible, we are valued for following advantages:

  • Cover all topics as per the latest syllabus
  • Authored by distinguished Authors & Editors.
  • Easy language.
  • Up to date with current affairs.
  • Strong binding
  • Cost effective rates
  • Extensive network channels
  • Ethical business policies.

It is an universal truth that education is an important component of making the nation literate and powerful through its educated generation. Pinnacle India is committed to play a vital role to spared the light of education through school books. We at Pinnacle India firmly believe that the “Child is the father of nation”.  We always work hard to lighting the lamp of knowledge by exploring new worlds and travelling down new bold avenues of growth consistently.

Since inception, our rapidly enlarged our presence across the world and established our significant appearance in the society as an eminent educational publisher. By power of our continuous effort in choosing wiseful concepts, we have grown our relationship with intellectual communities, who have given their utmost to publication industry.

The success always inspires, enthuses and challenges us… Our focus, are the people whose lives we touch. We view our relationship with our customers as a long lasting one.